Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

3 Air-Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Keeping cool, especially during the summer months is crucial. It's 90+ degrees outdoors, the temperature climbing and the Air-Conditioner isn't working!! Pause, take a deep breath, and  
then use these fast and easy expert tips to keep your air-conditioner in proper working condition. The best time to care for your air-conditioner is before it's actually needed. Regular maintenance and cleaning are extremely important and easy to do, just follow these tips;
1) Change the Air-Filter- without pets every 6-12 months, with pets every 60-90 days.
    Buy air-filter from hardware store. Be sure to turn Off unit. Open the air-filter box to
    remove the old one, then put in the new one. 
2) Cleaning Coils- Make sure the power to the unit is disconnected first. Be safe, never
     attempt to work on an air-conditioner with-out first turning it OFF. Most outdoor air-
     conditioner units have an appliance box nearby. Next, wet the area you are cleaning with
     a garden hose. Using gloves and safety glasses, spray the commercial air conditioner
     cleaner (available at an HVAC supplier- follow the instructions on back of spray) onto the
     coils. Let it set for a short while and then rinse it down thoroughly with the garden hose. 
3) Once a year, schedule a heating and air-conditioner professional to inspect your air-
     conditioner system. This will ensure that your system is operating properly.