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As a certified Property Management Service, your property has a greater chance to get leased and retain tenants when you chose to work with our company. We know what it takes to lease property, and focus on what matters to you the most; maximizing the return on your investment. We offer complete leasing and management services, and the great news is, that we do not charge a fee to start up. Servicing-Ontario, Chino, Chino Hills, Chino, Rialto, Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding counties.
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Services - What We Will Do For You;
Property Management

Marketing Property:

- Periodic market analysis to determine current rental value that will bring the maximum
  income on the market

- Advertise the property (web-sites,newspaper ads,signs on property, etc.)

Tenant Screening:
Homes for rent, Townhomes for rent, Condo for rent

* All applications for prospective tenants are thoroughly reviewed

- Credit reports/Eviction

- Employment verification

-Two landlord reference checks

-Face to face interview

New Tenants:
Homes for rent, town homes for rent, condo for rent

-We prepare all appropriate agreements and contracts

- Inspect the property with tenant and document property condition

- Photographic record


*We pay all authorized property expenses

- Computerized bookkeeping

- Copies of invoices monthly

- Deposits to Owner’s bank by 15th

- End of year statement (Dec. 31st)


*Our policy is to respond to maintenance request in a timely

-Contact owner in advance of major work

-24 hour emergency calling service

-Independent Contractors with fair prices
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